Dulcinea – cheese burger

Dulcinea is a Spanish restaurant with interesting paella, churros and recommended gambas on its menu. As I was not hungry when I went there, I tried the Dulcinea cheese burger. If you are expecting a regular burger do not order it at Dulcinea. Their cheese burger is different in a way that instead of mayonnaise in the burger they put butter. Instead of coleslaw for side dish they put pickled vegetable (atsara) at the side. They still have the cheese and the burger patty that is why they call it cheese burger! And of course they have regular burger bun bread. In general it is ok – a cheese burger with a twist.

I had my unique cheese burger experience at Dulcinea, 4th floor Megamall.


Stages of Love

If we can classify love then there is a process to describe love. The psychology of stages of love. We do not necessarily go from one stage to another most often we jump to the next stages skipping the others. It is said that to have a smooth sailing relationship it is ideal to go through each stage. But if you are willing and capable to risk and jump to the waves then by all means enjoy your love boat ride.

1. Attention – Of all the people around you there would be a special one that would stand out the crowd and catch your attention. How did that person attract your attention and how did you attract that person’s attention? If you want to catch a person’s attention you put your best foot forward, have a balance between emotional and intellectual goals. Here potential partners enjoy each other’s positive traits. Then you would decide whether to see each other again.

2. Inclusion – You have been together for several times already. At this point you know where your partner works, what your partner does, what type of friends your partner has, how many siblings your partner has, if your partner likes pets. Slowly you enter into each other’s life and discover each other while still in the honeymoon stage.

3. Affection – You are crossing beyond the honeymoon stage and begin to see each other’s imperfection, differences and flaws. Despite of it all you do not want to loose your partner.

4. Trust – It is an essential part of a lasing relationship. This is when trust on feelings, material belongings and self is shared between partners. At this point you should check your emotional and intellectual goals with your partner. Is your partner a priority in your life? Are you priority in your partner’s life?

5. Caring – This when partners begin to get ready to live with each other and people around them can see it. This is when you feel devastated to loose your partner’s love. At this stage commitment phobes go away and leave the relationship, they are not ready for the possible next stage.

6. Commitment with Passion – Extreme confidence and security have developed. You are each other’s focus and priority.

7. Partnership – You begin to change roles sharing life together. You realize your future together, family planning and financial sharing.

Okura Japanese-Korean Fusion Restaurant

Originally Poum and Pam wanted to go to a Korean restaurant for the table top grilled meat with vegetables and a lot of kimchi and vegetable appetizers.As usual nothing went according to plan which lead to another discovery!

Okura Fusion Japanese Restaurant was discovered along Jupiter street Makati. Luckily they also serve Korean dishes just like what Poum and Pam originally wanted.

Though there was not a lot of the usual vegetables and kimchi provided before meal like in real Korean restaurants. A fresh salad with oriental sauce was given for appetizer.

 KoreanBeef Strip

It is fun to order grilled meat in Korean restaurants as you can do the grilling on your own. Usually Korean restaurants have built in stoves on tables. If none they put small table top stove when you order grilled meat. Ordering meat with the table top grill is like doing your own barbeque/stake at your table inside the restaurant.

It is so simple to prepare as you prepare it before eating but the taste is not simple. The secret is with the sauce and the side dish you add with the meat. A lot of side dish is served with the meat as you can add it when you eat and choose according to your taste preference.

How to prepare and eat:

  • Grill the meat.
  • You may also grill the garlic and chilli (as Pam prefers) or eat it fresh
  • Use the lettuce leaf as a wrap.
  • Put the meat at the middle
  • Add sauce
  • Add side dish such as kimchi or vegetables according to your preference
  • Roll the lettuce like a burrito
  • Eat like a burrito or sandwich

Included in the order are:

  • Beef strips
  • Lettuce wraps
  • Sliced fresh garlic
  • Sliced fresh chilli
  • Sauce
  • Onion salad
  • Kimchi

Tuna Spicy Roll

It has 10 big pieces of rice rolls with tuna and vegetables in the middle. The serving was even big for Poum who always have a big appetite. It has marinated fresh tuna on top, with side dish of pickled vegetables. Maybe the flavor was with the rice roll as the fresh tuna was not spicy with somewhat sweet marinate flavor and tender freshness.  So that is why it is called is called Tuna Spicy Roll not Spicy Tuna Roll!

The meal is healthy as it is not fried. The oil from the meat is separated in the grill as you cook it. It has fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh tuna and sweet and spicy sauce.

It is advised to try their sushi and other rolls as it looks like it is their specialty.

Botan Restaurant

I like to explore new things, food, places and meet new people. Just to break the daily routine of home-work-home. I would stop by different places on the way home and tryout something new in the grocery or go to a new restaurant.

One Saturday as Pam and Poum was deciding what to eat for lunch we passed by a cute signage at the back of Burgundy condominium along Buendia. The street is along the back of Makati Med. As curious explorers, they stopped by and went inside to see if the menu would appeal to them. Definitely the decoration and ambiance was appealing to Pam as it was bright, colorful, with flowers and dolls.

Botan is a Taiwanese restaurant and the menu has similar names of Filipino food. I think they named it after the Pinoy foods for the Filipino patrons to somewhat know what to expect. Pam and Poum ordered the mixed adobo platter with marinated beef, eggs, tofu and sticky rice with pork blood. It was presented on lettuce leaves and topped with a special sauce. It is not like the Pinoy adobo but maybe they named it adobo because of the beef and somewhat similar salty and sweet flavor of adobo. For Pam it is better than adobo because of the unique Taiwanese flavor.

Botan menu has unique Taiwanese food which adopted Filipino food names. Aside from their special adobo they also have special milk and fruit tea which are green tea based and black tea based.

Botan is unique as it is different from the usual burgers, chicken, fried, sizzling and grilled food found in every Pinoy street.