Botan Restaurant

I like to explore new things, food, places and meet new people. Just to break the daily routine of home-work-home. I would stop by different places on the way home and tryout something new in the grocery or go to a new restaurant.

One Saturday as Pam and Poum was deciding what to eat for lunch we passed by a cute signage at the back of Burgundy condominium along Buendia. The street is along the back of Makati Med. As curious explorers, they stopped by and went inside to see if the menu would appeal to them. Definitely the decoration and ambiance was appealing to Pam as it was bright, colorful, with flowers and dolls.

Botan is a Taiwanese restaurant and the menu has similar names of Filipino food. I think they named it after the Pinoy foods for the Filipino patrons to somewhat know what to expect. Pam and Poum ordered the mixed adobo platter with marinated beef, eggs, tofu and sticky rice with pork blood. It was presented on lettuce leaves and topped with a special sauce. It is not like the Pinoy adobo but maybe they named it adobo because of the beef and somewhat similar salty and sweet flavor of adobo. For Pam it is better than adobo because of the unique Taiwanese flavor.

Botan menu has unique Taiwanese food which adopted Filipino food names. Aside from their special adobo they also have special milk and fruit tea which are green tea based and black tea based.

Botan is unique as it is different from the usual burgers, chicken, fried, sizzling and grilled food found in every Pinoy street.


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