Silence is a girl’s loudest cry.
You can always tell she’s really hurt
when she starts ignoring you.


When you get hurt too much…

When you get hurt too much or get sad too much.
There will come a point when you stop to feel anything at all.
Indifference is the worst feeling that you can have.
It takes away your senses – negative and positive.
At this point you start not to care.

– Zar

Never think that anyone o…

Never think that anyone or any situation is preventing you to get what you want. The only thing that is blocking you from complete happiness is your negative thoughts. Let go of your negative thoughts. Learn to appreciate what you have then you will realize endless opportunities. The rule of the universe is that what you give you will also receive. Send out positive vibes then positiveness will come to you. Love without hesitation and you will receive the same. Remember life is beautiful and so are you.

~ Zar

Old Swiss Inn Makati


Swiss restaurant located along Makati Ave, at the back of Peninsula hotel and across Ayala triangle.


The ambiance is cozy not like compared to fine dining restaurants. The restaurant is colorfully decorated and the waiters even wear colorful uniform that add to a more friendly ambiance. The menu offered has a variety from appetizers, sandwiches, pastas and fine main course dishes.

We tried the Raclette (cheese) and Bundnerteller which consist of assorted dried Swiss meat such as prosciutto, dried beef, salami, and smoked sausage. I liked the smoked sausage it is a bit chewy and tasty. The prosciutto looks like a bacon which is soft and a bit transparent. The dried beef has a mild sweet taste. The salami is more salty in taste.

The raclette was served melted with potatoes, baby onions and pickles. The serving of raclette was smaller than what we expected. It has a taste of strong cheese. And as it is melted it has a chewy texture that can be eaten spread on a bread or as we did spread it on the dried meat.

The price for the 2 appetizers already cost Php 1,000+.

Go to Old Swiss restaurant if you want to experience good quality Swiss food and feel relaxed while eating not like in fine dining restaurants. Though the price was high for the quantity of food served that we expected. We have not tried the main course dishes so it is something to back to experience.

Near and Affordable Natural Hot Spring Luxury Resort Weekend

88 Hotspring Resort

If you are from Manila and want to go to a near resort with a little bit of luxury then 88 Hotspring Resort in Calamba, Laguna can offer you relaxation with a nature ambiance.

88 Hotspring Resort is Korean owned and is located at the foot of Mt. Makiling. Its water comes from natural hot spring in Calamba Laguna.  The location of 88 Hotspring Resort is very scenic, surrounded by beautiful natural landscape of mountains and trees. There numerous pools you can choose from and each has its therapeutic effect. Temperature of the pool is regulated and you can see it with the respective thermometers.


Contrary to most belief that touristic resorts are strict with swim attire inside the pools. This resort allows you to wear what you want. When we were there were even guests in the pool with dress, long sleeves, and pants plus umbrella inside the pool! I guess they do not like to have a tan…


From Cubao terminal

Ride a HM bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna

Go down at Bagong Kalsada Calamba (just at the boundary of Calamba and Los Banos)

88 Resort is right along the highway (you do not even need to cross)

From Buendia terminal

Ride Greenstar or DLTB bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna

Greenstar terminal is right beside Arellano University

DLTB is on the side of Buendia-Taft going to Vito-Cruz, Divisoria, Quiapo

Go down at Bagong Kalsada Calamba (just at the boundary of Calamba and Los Banos)

88 Resort is right along the highway (you do not even need to cross)

One way bus fare is less than Php 100

Day visit of the resort (12 hours) is approx. Php 500

For day visit you get free towels and secured locker room.

The locker room is complete with hair dryer, comb, mini gym, weighing scale and clothes dryer! If you do not want to tumble dry your swim suit the locker room attendant will give you plastic bags to put your wet clothes. =)

For about Php 1000 you get to enjoy the luxury of a nature resort!