Old Swiss Inn Makati


Swiss restaurant located along Makati Ave, at the back of Peninsula hotel and across Ayala triangle.


The ambiance is cozy not like compared to fine dining restaurants. The restaurant is colorfully decorated and the waiters even wear colorful uniform that add to a more friendly ambiance. The menu offered has a variety from appetizers, sandwiches, pastas and fine main course dishes.

We tried the Raclette (cheese) and Bundnerteller which consist of assorted dried Swiss meat such as prosciutto, dried beef, salami, and smoked sausage. I liked the smoked sausage it is a bit chewy and tasty. The prosciutto looks like a bacon which is soft and a bit transparent. The dried beef has a mild sweet taste. The salami is more salty in taste.

The raclette was served melted with potatoes, baby onions and pickles. The serving of raclette was smaller than what we expected. It has a taste of strong cheese. And as it is melted it has a chewy texture that can be eaten spread on a bread or as we did spread it on the dried meat.

The price for the 2 appetizers already cost Php 1,000+.

Go to Old Swiss restaurant if you want to experience good quality Swiss food and feel relaxed while eating not like in fine dining restaurants. Though the price was high for the quantity of food served that we expected. We have not tried the main course dishes so it is something to back to experience.


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