Gigi la Crepe


Gigi la crepe is our favorite stall at legazpi food market. It is owned by Gigi a jolly French man with mustache. He prepares genuine French crepe and galette. Crepe is the sweet wrap with fruits inside. Flavors of crepe are mango, banana, chocolate, etc. Galette is also a wrap but it is not sweet and has a brown color. Galette is usually has meat inside like sausage or ham. It can be combined with cheese and egg. Flavored with condiments u can choose such as mustard or butter. I prefer the galette sausage. Other food on the menu are fries and apple cider. Gigi la crepe is also in the salcedo food market every saturday mornings. He also has a bar called overtime it is near market market, fort bonifacio, taguig.


The best way to a man / w…

The best way to a man / woman’s heart is through their stomach…
While meals and drinks can strengthen social relationship.
Meals and drinks can also destroy relationships.
Be cautious with whom you share these