If you want a person to be in your life you will keep that person close to you.

Not push the person away.

Not keep secrets and become a stranger.

I have wanted to be closer to you for years now.

Yet I still do not feel welcome in your life.

You have great dreams and plans for your self alone.

No  hint of a role for me in it.

If you love a person keep that person close to you.

Keep that person like a precious treasure


Because if you do not.

If you become careless of your life’s treasures.

It can be stolen away from you.

– Zara



Boby is a very playful cat,  he looks like his mom with white fur, and pink nose and paws.
Except Bobi is special becase he has one blue eye and one green eye.


I gave him to my boyfriend since my cat Mymay got pregnant and we already have too much pets at my dad’s house.


3 day old Boby and his siblings


Mymay (Boby’s mom) feeding time.


Boby tring to stop me to get out of the condo.

International Air Space

Notice that international measurements such as sizes of chairs in airports are actually bigger from asian perspective.

International terminal at Bangkok.

See the Asian woman’s feet are dangling from the chairs.


Apparently our legs are too short to touch the ground.


International size standards follow the bigger size from European and Americans.


For Asians it means more space for us.

Except when in the plane wherein space is limited and seated next to the biggest guy (ever!)
Maybe the ground stewards intentionally seated the smallest, skinniest girl in the plane next to the biggest guy.
The armrest in between of  the seats were actually pulled up because the guy could not fit on the chair.
Thus occupied (stole) the (extra) half  seat space of the skinny girl next to him.


– Gypsy girl flying solo

travelling solo – empty hotel room


When travelling solo for work there is no time to tour places, go shopping, or have drinks.

Hotel is clean and bed is the only most used ‘facility’.

There’s not much options of clothes to wear since packing of luggage is limited. Thus its not a big mess in the morning to chose wardrobe.