A woman’s self care

Today I had my first complete breast care examination.

Since my grandmother died of breast cancer 23 years ago I have been paranoid on getting terminal illness. It was a time that the whole family were giving so much time to take care of my grandmother and during that time I did not fully understand why.

Breast cancer took my grandmother away.

Breast cancer took my mother away.

I have fear of going thru the same as they did.

Today my fears were calmed. I had my first breast care examination.

Mammogram was not really as painful as I thought. I was imagining it as more painful. Actually it was tolerable.

Actually thank God for mammogram.

Because if the examination would only be based on the breast sonogram and elastosy (?). I would have been masectomized leaving me with me nothing.

What they saw was benign.

Which I think is good.

Actually I still need to see a doctor tomorrow to know the whole story and be officially cleared.

But hey its benign and it sounds ok for me.


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