Home is where the heart is

Definitely now I know what this statement means. Home is where I feel comfortable, loved, and secure. It is where I seek refuge when I want to escape cruelty of the world.

I am at my dad’s house for the holiday. Same house where I grew up in. It brings back sad and happy memories. It does not feel the same anymore. I do not feel at home at the house I grew up in. The only reason that I go here is to visit my dad.

I want to go back home with love, where my heart is….


Eulogy on life priority

I want to spend my life surrounded by people who I love and sincerely love me. We take for granted people who love us knowing that they will never leave us. But nothing is certain in life. We are all mere mortals. I would rather die surrounded by  love rather than be a hero surrounded by criticism s and doubts.

Symbiotic colleagues

Its easier to work with nice colleagues rather than smart colleagues who have unpleasant character. Working with nice colleagues is like doing a favor for a friend. You do not expect anything in return because there are mutual trust and mutual respect.  There is a symbiosis of working together on a win-win situation.