Love or Stupidity

Love or Stupidity


Hair Salon Makati

I am on a quest to find the best affordable hair salon in Manila.

So far I am satisfied with Tony & Jacky, a Korean hair salon along Buendia, Makati.

What I enjoy about Tony and Jacky hair salon are its modern style with digital mirrors, digital hair steam and other modern hair treatment machines. Staff are friendly, professional and provides good service.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming as you get attended by 3 staff at the same time. A special service at Tony and Jacky is that all hair stylists are Koreans! They may speak little English nonetheless they are professional and friendly.

The price for haircut ranges from 300-500 Php. I am most satisfied with their hair treatments. The hair rebonding which costs around 5,000 Php for long hair can last for a year. It is quite pricey but can actual save you money as you only have your hair treatment once a year. As long as you do not forget to regularly condition your hair the rebond treatment can do you good for the whole year.