How to prepare for first time solo flyer

Last quarter of 2012 to mid-2013 I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a great boss and organization that allowed me to travel and e new friends in different countries. Once or twice a month I was out of the country for work travel.mak

I was welcomed to the team with sassy passport holder. A very useful organizer when you are always traveling by plane as you do not need to dig into your hand carry bag to get your passport and essential documents.


Frequent flyer tips that I have learned by experience:

  1. Have a passport / document holder– put inside your passport, airline ticket, valid ID, money for airport fees, pen, map
  2. Prepare for customs – know hotel/residential address of your destination, flight number – departure and arrival, and passport number
  3. Have a backpack – it will serve as your hand carry, put inside your laptop, tablet, phone, earphone, book, jacket/shawl/scarf, snack, and other personal essentials
  4. Suitcase – put a tag or an identifier at your suitcase, surprisingly suitcase makers are not keen on producing varied designs on luggage.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes – shoes that you do not need to balance to walk, comfortable to have long walks, and easy to remove for some strict airport inspection Image
  6. Do not wear too much accessories – such as jewelry, watch, hat, scarf as it will be requested to be removed as you pass by the scanner. Instead put it in your hand carry and you can wear it once you arrived at your destination.
  7. Eat before you go to the airport – Airport food can be expensive and waiting can be long if there are delays. Though you can have free meals on the plane depending on the airline.
  8. You can request for blankets if you are cold
  9. Drinks are unlimited – Alcohol included!
  10. Check the movie choices at the pamphlet inserted behind the seat in front of you
  11. You can pre-order your food if you have preference – such as vegetarian, halal, or any diet that you have
  12. You can request your seat upon check-in – that is if there are still available seats that you can choose
  13. Get the WIFI password at the customer service area
  14. You can have tax refund in the airport if you buy items for a certain amount in a foreign country
  15. Airport currency exchange rate is usually higher and almost the same in most banks. Smaller currency exchangers in town have better rates
  16. If language at your destination is a challenge make sure to print address of your hotel (preferably with a map) written in local language and script. Image
  17. Pack smart casual clothes that are easy to match – not too casual and not too formal.
  18. Bring a swimsuit – most hotels have pools
  19. If you do not want casual talks with strangers put on your headphones and pretend to sleep or read
  20. If you want to make new friends just put on a smile!


Have a safe trip!

What are your frequent flyer tips and experience?


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