Carpaccio Ristorante

Carpaccio Ristorante is a fine Italian restaurant along Yakal street Makati. Carpaccio Ristorante has a good ambiance and service. They offer pasta, pizza and meal dishes. Prices range from Php 300+ to 1,000+. They serve free bread appetizer, and bread sticks with three sauces of salsa, mayo garlic and pesto.

We ordered Pizza Emilio. It is stuffed with tuna, white sauce, tomato, lettuce, sandwiched in a very thin crust. Serving is good for 2 person. A good meal for healthy conscious people.

Carpaccio Ristorante is recommended for a date place if you want to spend on good food and good service.


Botan Restaurant

One Saturday as Pam and Poum was deciding what to eat for lunch and they passed by a cute signage at the back of Burgundy condominium along Buendia. The street is along the back of Makati Med. As curious explorers, they stopped by and went inside to see if the menu would appeal to them. Definitely the decoration and ambiance was appealing to Pam as it was bright, colorful, with flowers and dolls.

Botan is a Taiwanese restaurant and the menu has similar names of Filipino food. I think they named it after the Pinoy foods for the Filipino patrons to somewhat know what to expect. Pam and Poum ordered the mixed adobo platter with marinated beef, eggs, tofu and sticky rice with pork blood. It was presented on lettuce leaves and topped with a special sauce. It is not like the Pinoy adobo but maybe they named it adobo because of the beef and somewhat similar salty and sweet flavor of adobo. For Pam it is better than adobo because of the unique Taiwanese flavor.

Botan menu has unique Taiwanese food which adopted Filipino food names. Aside from their special adobo they also have special milk and fruit tea which are green tea based and black tea based.

Botan is unique as it is different from the usual burgers, chicken, fried, sizzling and grilled food found in every Pinoy street.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a piece of Japan in the business district of Philippines – Makati. Little Tokyo is a garden enclosure of genuine Japanese restaurants. It is has a typical Japanese garden and interior design with low tables and sushi bars. Chefs in Little Tokyo Makati are Japanese. They make your maki, ramen, and sashimi the same way as they would in a Japanese home. The experience in Little Tokyo is like being in a local area in Japan.


Every restaurant at Little Tokyo has their own speciality. If you hungry and crave a little bit of everything there is a restaurant that serve the large Japanese bento box. If you want grilled Japanese food on your table another restaurant will be serving that. A different restaurant specializes in big bowls of ramen. And another restaurant one has a special sushi bar.Image

My favourite restaurant in Little Tokyo is Hana. It is the only restaurant that serves real Japanese Takoyaki that has a generous serving that will make you full. Another favourite in Hana restaurant is the spicy tuna maki. I am not a fan of raw food but they make it fresh and you would not feel that you are eating raw fish inside the rice rolls. What makes their spicy tuna maki special is the crispy rice that they use as cover of the rice roll. For sure you will return to Hana restaurant because for every minimum purchase of 70rinks the next visit.


(8.6 beer was not bought in Little Tokyo)

Budget for 1 meal = Php 200-300

Location : Little Tokyo can be found at Chino Roces, beside Makati Square