Getting over Grieving

I think there is no such thing as getting over of grieving. There are stages of grief. You just moveĀ  on in life with it. There will always be moments of sad nostalgia. Thru time happy memories will be more often if only you allow your self to recognize it. I still cry but also I find myself smiling when I think of her. 3 years since she passed away. Memories of her continue to haunt me. I am still learning to accept the haunting memories to be part of me. Still learning to toughen-up.

Mom you are already in peace.

Please pray for mine.



We must constantly learn to forgive.

Nobody can fully understand where we come from for we are all unique.

Constantly remind self that we all view life in different ways.

Nobody can completely feel and think the same way that we do.

Learn to appreciate others.

Be more open to differences.

Respect individuality.

Then maybe our frustrations will be lessened.

Enjoy what we have.

Appreciate where we are.