Getting over Grieving

I think there is no such thing as getting over of grieving. There are stages of grief. You just move  on in life with it. There will always be moments of sad nostalgia. Thru time happy memories will be more often if only you allow your self to recognize it. I still cry but also I find myself smiling when I think of her. 3 years since she passed away. Memories of her continue to haunt me. I am still learning to accept the haunting memories to be part of me. Still learning to toughen-up.

Mom you are already in peace.

Please pray for mine.


FB & Family

Never imagined I would wish that my mom has Facebook. That I may know how she is (in after life) and message her for a mother’s advise.

– Love your mom while she is still with you.

Symbiotic colleagues

Its easier to work with nice colleagues rather than smart colleagues who have unpleasant character. Working with nice colleagues is like doing a favor for a friend. You do not expect anything in return because there are mutual trust and mutual respect.  There is a symbiosis of working together on a win-win situation.

Sick and alone

Its because when you are in pain you become angry at the people closest to you for not feeling the same pain. They can not exactly feel what you are going through. And will not because you do not share the same body and soul. In absolute reality there is nothing that they can do. Being sick is a personal struggle that one has to endure alone.

However, emotional support from the peolpe closest to you is crucial to keep the spirit alive and hopeful to live.



If you want a person to be in your life you will keep that person close to you.

Not push the person away.

Not keep secrets and become a stranger.

I have wanted to be closer to you for years now.

Yet I still do not feel welcome in your life.

You have great dreams and plans for your self alone.

No  hint of a role for me in it.

If you love a person keep that person close to you.

Keep that person like a precious treasure


Because if you do not.

If you become careless of your life’s treasures.

It can be stolen away from you.

– Zara