Bolo Beach

The first adventure of Poum and Pam for 2012 was on February at 100 islands Pangasinan.

Visiting 100 islands is definitely a different experience. It is not your usual beach outing or island hopping experience. According to stories the 100 islands are actually corals that grew to islets. The fascination of the beauty of the island can be compared to window shopping. It is so beautiful to look at but you cannot have it. It is like a miniature city that instead of seeing towering building you see lush green small islands from left, right, front and back. It is like the chocolate hills of Bohol but instead of hills on land there are 100 islands on water. The boat ride through the 100 islands is like being on a carnival ride, you can become so excited.

One day is not enough to tour around the islands. You cannot go down to all of the islands as some are rock formation with vegetation. The islands have names and I am not sure how they came up with the names. The three most popular are Quezon island, Governors island and Big brother island as the two islands have some cottages on it and the rest none.

We stayed longer at 2 islands, namely Marcos island and Old Scout island.

Marcos Island

Poum was not interested to go down at Marcos island seeing that there were quite a number of people there and not much beach to stay. However boatman said there is an interesting cave wherein you can jump down to the sea. The jump off is around 15 feet. Eventually Poum enjoyed the Marcos island with the experience of diving inside the cave to the sea. Pam can only watch with awe.

Old Scout Island

Apero and lunch was served at Old Scout island.

Private beach + clean and clear sea + Chicken barbeque cooked on the

rocks + some drinks + Poum*Pam  = Perfect afternoon 

Old Scout island has a small beach and a few rocks you can go under to hide from the strong sun. If you want privacy Old Scout island is a good pick from the 100 islands as it is tucked away from the more popular islands. The water is clear blue and good for swimming.

There is also Monkey island wherein the boatman said monkeys can be found and that the monkeys know how to swim. The other island names that I remember are New Scout island, Virgin island and Coral island.

Pangisinan is also known for sanctuary of migratory birds. Aside from 100 islands there are also 100 of 100 of wild duck and flocks of bird. They should definitely preserve the natural beauty of the place and to protect the wild life.

The Travel Experience

Manila to 100 island Pangasinan

12:00 AM is the last bus that passes thru Alaminos the town of 100 islands. We took Five start bus going to Bolinao and went down the terminal of Alaminos. Fare = Php378

4:30 AM we arrived at Alaminos terminal then took a tricycle going to Lucap Pier. Fare =Php150 . But I heard it is just actually Php 50-60 Just because we arrived at an unusual time and had no choice they increased the price.

Lucap pier has numerous mini hotels and apartment to choose from. There is a karinderia place where you can eat local food and buy souvenirs.

9:00 AM we started the boat ride to hundred islands. Tourism center rate for 3 islands is Php 800 and serviced boat (any island) is Php 1400 but we actually had our service boat for 1000 by asking a boat directly from the hotel. Php 150 for snorkeling mask and tube. Php 200 for half kilo of chicken barbeque which we did on an island with our boatmen.

I have noticed that there were some garbage left by tourists in some islands. Boatmen should be informed to advise tourists not to leave garbage on the islands. I also have noticed that there was an island that looked destroyed either through dynamite or quarrying. Fishing should also be controlled at the area.

5:30 PM we arrived back to Lucap Pier. Around  Php 70 for a big meal for lunch.

8:00 AM we left the resort at Lucap Pier planning to go to Bolinao but changed plan and went to Bolo beach instead

Hence the start of another discovery and adventure…

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